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Aulexy Sweat Towel – A Review

You need a sweat towel

video below
If you’re anything like me and you run in 90 degrees at noon like a crazy person like I just did, you’re probably dripping sweat. It can get pretty bad. So, I have a need for sweat towels. So that I can cool down quick and get back to work. In so doing, I went out and got me these Aulexy sweat towels. These things are pretty sweet.

Cooling Technology

They are made of that new technology that you get them wet preferably with cold water, then you snap em. Then something about the fibers that you can feel actually makes it cool down when you snap em. And the cool thing about these is that you get them on your arteries and it will actually help cool your entire body. Aside from the fact that you’ll need to wipe your sweat.

2 In A Pack

They’re pretty sweet. I got two of them in a nice little package.  I needed these anyway so I figured I’d tell you about them because I sweat like a dog when I run at 2 p.m. in 90 degrees.

Get you a set

If you like it and think it’s a good idea like I do…it’s definitely going in my running bag. If you do, I put a link in the description for it on Amazon. If you do purchase this towel set, I may get a tiny commission of the sale as an Amazon affiliate, but it won’t even buy a cup of coffee so if you do buy, Thank You!



Sasquatch Fitness Workout of the Day for the 8th of April 2014

Today was a great day for a run! Jackson was excited and the weather was nice and cool and the sun was out. I went ahead and pushed to 4.1 miles today. I steadily increased my split time pace and was pretty happy with that. Also, I felt really good afterwards and am ready to push on for more distance. 4.5 Here I come!

This was the first run in my new shoes. Maybe they helped a bit. Who knows. Anyway, get in a good run or walk. If you need help getting started, please leave a comment below and I will make sure you get the incentive you need. Follow me on RunKeeper and if you are in the South Nashville area, I’m thinking of starting a run group. Let me know if you are interested.

Heres the run:
if you can’t see the iframe, click HERE.