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Allergies get you down?

Yes, I have allergies. And quite a few of them I might add. However, it’s important not to let something like that knock you down. Yes, sometimes it seems I make great progress in my fit lifestyle only to be knocked back by some type of allergy related sickness that keeps me from exercise for several days. But I refuse to let it keep me down. What do you do when a sudden sickness takes you out of the game? Do you let it beat you?
I’ve noticed a few correlations between being fit and my allergies. When I am staying fit, my sicknesses don’t last as long. I bounce back a little faster and can catch back up to my previous levels of intensity a little easier. Do you notice this? I am sure it’s not coincidence.
I still try to bang out some push-ups and crunches at the very least when I am feeling out of sorts. Maybe walk the dog instead of run and possibly walk on a treadmill. It actually does wonders for recovery just to get your blood pumping even a little bit.
Of course the MOST IMPORTANT THING TO DO WHEN FEELING UNDER THE WEATHER OR SICK IS TO GET GOOD SLEEP! Don’t push yourself too hard and let your body do what it’s supposed to do…recover.