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WOD 19AUG14 Workout of the day for the 19th of August 2014

Today was a great day to hit the weights after having been off for the weekend and out of town. Sometimes I go into withdrawal when I don’t get to workout now. Anyway, for a weight workout, this is a Continue reading WOD 19AUG14


Sasquatch Fitness Workout of the Day 7th of April 2014

Back to strengthening the legs today and a strong focus on core.

Warm up 50 Jumping Jacks

Set 1
12 Front Step Altrernating Bb Lunges
12 Seated Bb Twists
30 90º Leg Raises
30 Full military style situps
12 Supermans

Set 2
Set 1
10 Front Step Altrernating Bb Lunges
10 Seated Bb Twists
25 90º Leg Raises
25 Full military style situps
10 Supermans

Set 3
Set 1
8 Front Step Altrernating Bb Lunges
8 Seated Bb Twists
20 90º Leg Raises
20 Full military style situps
8 Supermans

Cool Down: 50 Jumping Jacks