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Firecracker 5K

I’ll be running the Firecracker 5K tomorrow somewhat under the weather. Seems any time I make progress or book something concrete on my schedule, my sinuses decide to act up. Ahh, the life with allergies. Anyway, if you see me out there, say hi. I’ll be the one all jacked up on Sudafed. 🙂


Sasquatch Fitness Workout of the day for 4 April 2014

Make sure to friend me on Runkeeper so we can keep each other accountable. Check out my run here–> Runkeeper

It was my first run to 4 miles and I felt good and could have gone longer distance, but I am pacing myself so I held back. Remember, running is the most basic workout you can do without any exercise equipment or gym memberships. Get out and start running!

Sasquatch Fitness IS ALIVE!

That’s right,

Sasquatch Fitness is Alive! I’ve been doing my best to publish good workout videos and explanations as well as interviews with personal trainers. Well now it’s time to get serious. Sasquatch Fitness needed a home on the web. Now I can tie my Youtube playlist with this site and bring you even more great content on Fitness For The Rest Of Us.

If you’re like me, you’re not some CrossFit superstar or the cover model for Muscle and Fitness magazine or even a personal trainer. I’m just a guy who needs to keep up with his kids on the playground and not get too old for my actual age before my time. I’m sure you all know those folks who’ve given up…

This is NOT the place for folks who’ve given up. This is the place for those, beginner or advanced, to have a place to go for non-judgemental information on fitness. I’ve learned enough about how to get in shape from all the reading I’ve done, my military career and being around other fit people. I just never put that knowledge to good use. Now I am!

I’ve actually reduced my Triglyceride levels by 100 points just by employing the techniques I show you on this website. What???!!! you say?! You mean you can actually get fit with just diet and exercise?


So, If you’re like me and you want to get in shape and live a fit lifestyle, then join me and let’s get in shape together! All it takes is dedication and a no quit attitude.

Now, let’s get a workout!

~Jason R. Coleman