10 minute no weights calisthenic workout

This workout comes from Live Lean TV on Youtube. I’ve tested this workout and like most short workouts, there is no warmup. However, I’d prefer that you do at least two minutes of warmup prior to doing this or any workout especially if you are over 40 like me. 

That being said, this is a great workout that adds alot to your balance. The crab moves alone had me sliding all over my workout rug. I really needed to have done this one on my yoga mat or something. Even though, this is a great workout and you will have fun doing it and the host is likeable.

Do this workout and let me know how you feel about it in the comments or on social. Look for SasquatchFitnessHQ on Facebook and Instagram or SasquatchFit on Twitter.

Full Body Workout with weights From GymRa

Check out this Sasquatch Fitness certified workout from Gymra Fitness!  It’s a mostly full body workout that contains alot of variety and added balance moves. Make sure to get a mild warmup and stretching cool down.Tough guys, use the heaviest weight you can make it though the shoulder moves. Beginners, just try to make it through. If you have to completely drop the weight aspect, please do. Any questions to info@sasquatchFitness.com

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