Number of push ups

The Right Number Of Push Ups For You

How many push ups should I do?

Today we’re talking about the number of push ups that you are doing is the right number. I wasn’t sure it would happen like this, but yes 20 push ups five times a day to get to 100 push ups a day is too little for me.  I will have to go harder. Let’s talk about that.

number of push upsHow do you determine how many push ups your should be doing? I’m going to go 25 push ups 5 times a day. It’s going to be an easy goal to accomplish. You want to be realistic with your goals.

Now if you’ve done your push ups and at the end of the first day, you are super sore, you may want to do the opposite. You may want to cut back a little. Maintain a goal throughout your entire 30 days. Keep that goal so you can get to a higher number of repetitions in a single session. That’s the main goal. If you’re doing ten push ups when you first start, in a day, then lets hope you can get to 30 in a single session by the time you’re done with 30 days. We want to increase the number of push ups and we want to get stronger. That’s the point of doing a push up challenge.

I hope you’re with me. I hope you’re following along and doing a push up challenge of your own. Stay tuned to the next Sasquatch Fitness.

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