Bluetooth headset unboxing and review

Bluetooth Headset Unboxing and Review

Check out this affordable Bluetooth Headset


I got these these bluetooth headphones from an Amazon seller. Starting off with the packaging, I kindof like it. I like the fact that it’s cardboard and that you could easily recycle this which is cool. There’s not a whole lot of description. Nothing fancy here. I’m fine with that. Open this sucker up and you’ve got some cool bluetooth earbuds with an earhook. They’re packed in here nice. First look these guys look pretty cool. My last set were blue.

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You can see the ear pieces. It comes with different size ear pieces so that you can find the size that you prefer. Everyones’ ear canal is a different size. This is essential because if you wear them for any length of time, they will get sore on you if you’ve got the wrong size. These seem to be kind of a flexible silicon or something. There is a USB charging port. They’ve got a power button. You have an up and down volume control. All of that is on one earpiece.  The left side has no button, no anything. All the controls are on one side, most likely the right side. Yes, there is an “R” that designates the right side as the control side.

It comes with a USB micro charging cord that converts to a standard USB A. Also comes with a booklet. It is in English and that’s a good sign. I’m gonna look at these suckers. That was the unboxing. I’m going to charge them up and wear them on a run and see how they perform. See how easy it is to set these up and pair them to your phone.

After the run

I actually went out and ran with these things. They don’t bounce around too much. It’s not annoying at all. That’s a cool thing. It was very easy to pair. It came up on Bluetooth as “U8.” These will be good to run with. Now the thing you have to really think about when you;re buying a set of bluetooth is:

  1. You’re going to sweat on them if you are using them to run like I do.
  2. The little power / active button is right in your ear canal. When you push the on/off button while you have it in your ear, it’s really loud. Just touching the button is really loud so you’re hearing a crack crack sound whenever you touch the button.
  3. The up and down volume buttons are really nice and control it really well.

Those are things you have to watch out for. The volume is great, the pairing worked great (with an iphone 6), the strap doesn’t jump up and down too much and it doesn’t get caught on my neck (when turning my head).

You are going to sweat on these so I would recommend wiping them off after a workout. I think you will enjoy them. They’re fairly comfortable. Make sure you use the right size ear pieces. It’s a great little headset that I’m going to be using.

Over time

You’re going to be watching out for the neck piece to break down and you’re looking for battery life. That’s a big thing with bluetooth headsets. How long is your battery going to last? Something they say in the manul is do not leave it in a hot environment. So don’t take them off and leave them in a hot car. Don’t leave them plugged up in your car if you have a USB charger in your car especially if the car is not running because you’re just draining on the battery.

So they are pretty nice. I’m going to use them for some workouts and report later and let you know how they are doing.

*I did not take a call with these for the review because I was specifically reviewing them for the headphones for use in working out and running.

Get yours here:

*This is an affiliate link. If you purchase through this link, I will get a miniscule percentage of the sale. If you do use this link, THANK YOU!

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