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Warming Up For Your 30 Day Push Up Challenge

Don’t forget to warm up!

Don’t do your push ups cold. If you are breaking them up and doing 5 sets, 6 sets in a day to reach your overall goal for the day. Don’t just drop and do your push ups. You want to make sure your body is at least a little bit warm. You can injure your shoulders, your elbows, you can tear a pec muscle. There are a lot of things that can go wrong especially if you’re older like me. I’m going to show you a few things that I do so that I don’t do my push ups cold.


If you are at work and need to get alone so that you can do these exercises, then do so. Then again, if they don’t mind you doing exercises at work then so be it.

Jumping Jacks

Something that really helps is a simple jumping jack. In the military they always say, don’t slap your thighs. You don’t want to stop by slapping your thighs and you don’t want to stop at the top with a clap. By stopping your hands before they clap or slap your thighs, you’re actually providing a slight bit of resistance. You’re more likely to warm up faster. Do at least 30 jumping jacks! It’ll get the blood pumping and the big thing here is your rotator cuffs. You get your shoulders moving and warm for your pushups. If you have to get your push ups done quick, then increase the speed that you do them.

Press Press Flings

You have to stretch too. One of the military exercises I’ve earned is called a press press fling. You want to jam your elbows back twice and then fling your arms open as wide as you can with good effort. Do it several times. It helps your shoulders and your pecs before doing your push ups.

Jack and Jills

Another that’s really good that makes you look a little Hitlerish. Stretch your arms straight up and straight back. You want to get a stretch in your front deltoid and your also kind of stretching your lats and into your core. Do it several times.

Tricep Stretches

Another thing you can do is a tricep extension. Put your arm up behind your head. Get your elbow close to your head and if you need an extra stretch, then reach up with your other arm and grab your elbow to assist in the pulling stretch. Push back with your head, lean back if you have to to get a good stretch.  Anything you do to one side, do to the opposite side.

Those should be a good set of warm ups that you can do to warm up when you are doing your push ups throughout the day. If you do your push ups as part of your daily workout, you should already be warm. When you are doing your pushups cold [as part of several cold sets throughout the day], DON’T! Use these warms ups at the very least.

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