Warming Up For Your 30 Day Push Up Challenge

Don’t forget to warm up!

Don’t do your push ups cold. If you are breaking them up and doing 5 sets, 6 sets in a day to reach your overall goal for the day. Don’t just drop and do your push ups. You want to make sure your body is at least a little bit warm. You can injure your shoulders, your elbows, you can tear a pec muscle. There are a lot of things that can go wrong especially if Continue reading Warming Up For Your 30 Day Push Up Challenge

Take On A 30 Day Push Up Challenge With Me

Increase your upper body strength

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Hey Guys and Gals, it’s time to take on a pushup challenge. If you’ve looked for fitness on Youtube, then you have probably tripped over someone who has done a push up challenge. Well, it’s my turn and I want to share my experience and results with you. Let’s knock this out.

In the earlier part of the year when I shot this, people traditionally come up with all kinds of fitness resolutions to help them get started or get back into shape and living a fit lifestyle.


One of the simplest things to do is calisthenics, even more simply, everyone needs to work on their upper body strength including myself. Push ups. Along with a lot of folks who’ve posted videos to Youtube, I’m going to take on a push up challenge.

Break Point

When you are doing a push up challenge, you need to find out where your break point is before you come up with what your goal is going to be. So in the beginning I’m going to set my level fairly low at 20 push ups 5 times a day which is 100 push ups a day. You don’t have to do them all at once. You can do them throughout the day at different times. A set of ten a set of twenty. Whatever you want to do. I’m going to try sets of 20 and see how that goes. I’ll let you know in future videos if that’s something that’s going to work for me or if I need to boost it up.

To find your break point what you do is get down and do your push ups, do as many push ups as you can until you feel like you’ve got to take a break to breathe. Now of course you should be breathing  while you’re doing your push ups, but when you get to that point pounding them out and you’ve got to stop for a second. That’s your break point. How many can you do? 5? 10? Then you take that number and determine if I do this 5/6 times a day, how many can I do in a day. Make that number your goal for the day. I’m going to start with 100 per day. That’s 20, 5 times a day. There’s no reason why I can’t do that at my fitness level. Now, I may change that. It is what it is.

More to come

I will also be posting extra videos throughout the week of proper pushups. How to get started if you’ve never done a single push up. There are several ways you can get started. How to develop your push ups into different styles and working different muscles.

Let’s Do It

Come along with me and take a push up challenge. Let’s do a bunch of pushups every single day and see where we land. Hopefully increasing the number of pushups we can do in one session by the end of the 30 days. At that point maybe we’ll take on another challenge of some sort.

Get out there and get fit!

Summates Pop Up Soccer Goal Set Review

My Review of the Summates Pop Up Soccer Goal Set

Video Below

I got this cool portable soccer goal set that you’re not going to believe. I got it the other day and before I could even get home and unbox this thing, my kids had already found the package, opened it up, had it in the back yard and were playing with it. It’s really really easy to set up. They absolutely loved it and it’s good for a ton of different types of people.

If you have kids who just want to play in the park, if you have kids who play soccer, travel soccer, if you’re a coach, check this thing out. It has a nice carry bag that you can wear over your shoulder. You get two goals. You can get a good pick up game going. It gives you the opportunity to have a quick game. Throw these things in the back of your car or even throw it over your shoulder and ride on your bike.

Opening it up

Just release the velcro strap and it just unfolds. Now hold on to it or it will pop open in your face… It will come open quickly. You can set it up just about anywhere. It has tent spikes that you can use to help hold it in place. They help keep the goal from scooting all over the place because once you start shooting on it, it’s going to want to scoot. However if you put the stakes in a good spot, then it will help prevent the goal from moving to much. It has two stakes in the front and one in the back. If you put the rear stake directly behind the goal, it will help the scooting even more.


It’s made well and the tubular connections are strong. I was kicking on it pretty hard when we first got it and it took the blasts. Now I may be able to knock the goal off of its spot, but even if I do, it will not go anywhere. It always falls right back into place. That way you don’t have to reset it every 5 minutes. The tubes are set in good. They are tight and you cannot move them.

Folding it back up

Now the most difficult thing about this goal to be honest is folding it up to put it back in the bag. Luckily as a video producer, we deal with these fold up style backdrops all the time so it’s really similar to those. This goal has a plastic tube that helps it keep it’s shape and that is what will fold up. It’s actually really easy to fold. So if you hold the corners directly in front of you and fold it like it is a large taco, then you’ll reach a point where it will want to turn on you and twist. When it starts to do that, go with it and continue the folding process until it folds back over on itself. Then, reconnect the velcro strap and you can put it right into the bag easily. If you do not use the velcro strap it will come apart really quickly and it pops open fast if you don’t have a grip on it. So use the velcro straps to prevent that from happening. The bag has a side zipper like a tennis racket bag.

Who is it for?

Who is this thing for? It’s for anyone who wants to get a good pickup soccer game. It’s for families and kids who just want to kick the ball around. It’s for serious soccer coaches. I can see this being a really good product for one on one soccer coaches. I’ve coached a little bit of soccer and something I’ve told my students about is keeping the ball low and under control. You can boot it down the field all day long, but if you keep it under control, the team that keeps the ball under control, controls the game. Having a small goal like this is great for small scrimmages 3 on 3, 2 on 2 or even 1 on 1 and for keeping the ball low and not shooting on a large open goal to keep it more challenging. They will develop their skills quicker. It’s great for a soccer coach, pick up in the back yard, neighborhood games and the like. You can pick it up, throw it on your back, take it to a park or wherever you want to go.

I highly recommend it. I’ve got kids who play soccer and it’s perfect for them. It helps you get outside and have fun and get and stay fit. If you are one of those people who is still sitting back and not doing anything well this is a great way to get your fitness going. PLAY SOME SOCCER! Challenge your friends and neighbors. Game on!

Get yours here:

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