Get Rid Of Leg Day

Hate Leg Day? Get Rid Of It!

Get Rid Of Leg DayStop Exhausting Your Legs on ‘Leg Day’

video below

(video below) If you’ve ever been at the gym or at home working out your legs, you know many people hate leg day. I hate leg day too, but I’m not going to put up with it anymore. If you hate leg day get rid of it! That’s right, you heard me…get rid of it. Instead of working legs to exhaustion, try mixing your leg exercises in with your regular circuit routine. That way you are always working legs. You won’t have chicken legs and you won’t totally exhaust them to the point you can’t walk straight and have noodle legs leaving your workout.

So to sum it all up, leave ‘leg day’ behind and add your leg exercises to your everyday circuit workout. You can thank me later!

(Video Transcription) Hey Fitness Fanatics It’s Jason with Sasquatch Fitness and I don’t know about you, but I hate leg day. ┬áThere’s something to be said for totally exhausting your legs for training the same as it is for any other body part. So if you are totally exhausting your chest on a day or totally exhausting your back. Whatever training style you like to use, but if you follow me at all, or have seen any of my videos, you know I like to cross train. So my theory is, get rid of leg day. Throw in legs throughout your regular workout so if you’re doing biceps and triceps and abs one day, throw in squats. If you’re doing chest and back one dya, throw in your calves. If you’re doing pullups, whatever exercise you;re doing, throw in legs for every exercise. Just don’t hit the same thing over and over especially if you are doing any kind of heavy weights. So if you are like me and you hate leg day, get rid of leg day. Alright, Jason here with Sasquatch Fitness, get to working out!


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