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WOD 19AUG14 Workout of the day for the 19th of August 2014

Today was a great day to hit the weights after having been off for the weekend and out of town. Sometimes I go into withdrawal when I don’t get to workout now. Anyway, for a weight workout, this is a great routine for upper body. Do this routine with weights appropriate for you and you WILL love it.

In the interest of transparency and to see if you are tougher than me or ned to catch up, I’m putting in my actual stats.

Warm up – Standard Elliptical Movement – 10 minutes at Level 15

With a wood bar across my back I do standing twists to warm up my lower back prior to doing any weights.

*Also, this is a circuit workout so I move from one movement to the next until I complete a circuit, then start over for three total circuits.


2 minute plank
30 Leg raises
30 Flutter Kicks
30 Good Morning Darlings
30 Push through crunches
30 Raised leg crunches


Weight assisted wide grip pullups:
5o lbs – 10 reps
50 lbs – 8 reps
50 lbs – 6 reps
goal is to get to 12, 10, 8 before reducing weight


Bench press warm up with bar in rowing motion to prepare your shoulders and chest.
135 – 12 reps
155 – 10 reps
165 – 8 reps


Dumbell Front Raises
20lbs – 12 reps
20 lbs – 10 reps
20 lbs – 8 reps


ISO Preacher Curls
55 lbs  – 12 reps
65 lbs –  10 reps
75 lbs – 8 reps


Bench dips
no weight 20 reps
10 lbs – 15 reps
15 lbs – 15 reps –> Move up too easy 🙂

Warm down washes the lactic acid out of your muscles.
5 minutes elliptical at level 15
Stretch out your arms and torso

Grab some water and a protein recovery drink.

You’re done!


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