Greenway Ride

Boiling Springs Ravenwood Greenway Trail Ride

Boiling Springs Ravenwood Greenway Trail Ride

I recently decided to break out the ole iPhone with the Glif Plus and Gorilla Pod to bring you a taste of one of my routes for my biking fitness days. I’ve been cranking up the bike and deciding to prep for a sprint triathalon to test myself. Part of the trail I hit for my biking training is the Boiling Springs/Ravenwood Greenway Trail Ride. Once I got on the trail, it was a no brainer to hook up the camera and record what I saw. I hope you dig this video. I may do more of them in the future. Anyway, if you get bored with your fitness routine, please do something to break yourself out of it. It helps you break through plateaus and breaks the monotony of fitness on days when you don’t even want to do a thing. Set a different goal than what you’ve been doing or just go out and play a sport, but keep moving.

Anyway I hope you enjoy the little vid and if you want the Glif Plus and Gorilla Pod, I put affiliate links to those products in the Youtube description. If you use the affiliate, let me know so I can thank you.

– Link to the Glif Plus
– Link To Gorilla Pod

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