Welcome to Sasquatch Fitness!

I’m a guy who is just getting back in shape after several years of letting myself go. Rather than paying a personal trainer or buying an expensive DVD package or getting a gym membership, I am using the knowledge I’ve already gained as a member of the armed services (Go Navy!) and my extensive studies on the subject of fitness as well as the plethora of information available on the internet to get myself back into shape. I’ll be sharing my successes and failures and also have access to personal trainers who will help me answer your questions effectively so that you can get off the couch and create a fit lifestyle for your self too!

My blog will contain my personal workouts as well as commentary on fitness and you can also watch my videos on the video page. There you’ll find some of my workouts and videos on fitness topics. If you prefer, you can see my videos in a sortable fashion on my personal Youtube channel. The playlist is obviously, Sasquatch Fitness¬†and it should start with my newest video. Unfortunately, many of my videos are gone for good. I took my machine in for some routine maintenance at MacAuthority in Nashville and they erased my media drive. I would never recommend anyone use them. So you’ll see a big patch of dates missing until I have the time to go through what files were recovered during the data recovery process.

So anyway, stick around. I’m sure you can find a workout that fits you! If you are just getting started, please go slowly. It took you a long time to get out of shape so don’t think you can just rush in and look like a fitness model. Take your time, have a plan and never give up!

If you have any questions for me, please feel free to contact me and I will answer your questions or get them answered by industry professionals.

Fitness for the rest of us!